Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's been a year.

I created my blog in February of last year and began blogging as part of the Slice of Life challenge.  Well that wasn't the only challenge I took on last year; I also had a mjor job change, some remodeling on my house, and of course every day life can be a challenge.  So you may notice that I didn't blog nearly as much as I wanted to, let alone every day for a month.  This year I want to be better about it!

I have ideas displayed in a beautiful frame in my home office. I'm hoping to use that as inspiration throughout the month.  Last year, I definitley enjoyed the release of blogging, and most defintiely the feedback so that's another inspiration to get me going on this year's SOLC.  Who doesn't want to do what feels good?!

Last year I began a post that I never posted, but ended up submitting instead to the OMLA journal (Ohio Middle Level Association).  It was published in their winter edition!! If it wasn't for this challenge, I never would have started that article.  Now I'm "published" so to speak.

So this year, I challenge myself to complete the SOLC.  Good luck, me!