Sunday, April 29, 2012

Please Vote!

I'm in a contest to win $100.00 with which I would purchase beanbag chairs to create a comfortable reading environment in my school.  Around Christmas time, I transformed an otherwise unused space into a warm and welcoming place where kids could come and sit to enjoy a good book, and to receive help in conquering the difficulties that some find in comprehending what they read.  For next school year, I'm hoping to begin a peer tutoring program that I would oversee, but the focus would be on reading and understanding various texts. 

So I need votes to win; and I figured this was a great community to send a plea for votes to.  Please vote for me and support "The Comforts of Reading" and know that I appreciate you for taking a minute to do so! Click the link below to place your vote:

To understand more about what you are voting for, read my idea after (or before) you vote.  Thank you! :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Secret

My husband went to a friend's house last night and the friend's wife mentioned that she was disappointed that I didn't keep up with my blogging.  Well she's not the only one! Every time I log on to my computer and see my blogspot on my favorite's bar, I am disappointed in myself.  So I'm going to try this again.  I'm not sure who/if anyone will ever read my posts, but I'm going to do this for myself.  It's theraputic!

This weekend I spent some time visiting with a couple of my most inspirational friends.  They're two ladies who always look at the glass as half full and I always walk away from a conversation with them feeling inspired, and like I can conquer anything.  It's always a good time.

This time we watched "The Secret".  I had heard of the book and was familiar with the idea, but have never actually read it.  What a powerful concept! It's based on the law of attraction and the idea that our mind is a powerful thing and we can control the universe with positive thoughts.  For example, rather than focusing on the negative, being in debt, focus on the positive, wishing you had money to pay off credit cards.  It was hard for me to buy into the concept initially, and I still have a few apprehensions about it (like if I wish for money it's not really just going to show up as the movie suggested) but the power of positive thinking motivates you to do better and be better and that in turn will bring you success: monitary, emotionally, physically, and universally.  I definitley plan to incorporate The Secret into my everday life. And that was another key point.  It cannot be something that's a chore.  You shouldn't have to make time for The Secret; it should be something you do naturally becasue you believe in it.

I'm off to make my first inspiration board so I can visualize what I want in my already fulfilling life.  :-)