Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Celebrated Dr. Seuss

Last night I was honored to be a guest speaker at a local elementary school's first ever Literacy Night. Once I got over my nerves of reading in front of the adults, I embraced the fact that I could share my love of reading with the children. It was planned on National Read Across America Day which is Dr. Seuss's birthday so the theme of course was the one and only!

I read Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? It's not one of Dr. Seuss's more popular books, but I drew on the little's prior knowledge by asking how many have ever played the popular card game, Would You Rather? Many kids were familiar with it so the story lent itself to lots of silly and thoughtful discussion. For the parents in the room, I believe watching their children discuss literacy was eye opening.  Kids had great responses and all sorts of unique thoughts! Parents walked away proud, mystified and some maybe embarrassed at what their kids had to say. But the conversation was begun to be continued later.

My own children attended this literacy night even though the elementary school was not theirs. They loved it! They enjoyed hearing a police officer read The Cat In the Hat, a couple high school students read Green Eggs and Ham, and our curriculum facilitator read, The Lorax.  Of course my children said my story was their favorite, but they are a bit biased when it comes to their favorite "teacher".  :)

My take away from the night was a renewed sense of pride in the fact that my children, at ten year olds, still love to be read to.  And hopefully the other parents in the room enjoyed seeing their children enjoy being read to and keep up the tradition at home.  And I hope the conversations continued....

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  1. I love how people from the community came together to show just how important reading is to those kiddos! :) My sorority's philanthropy is Literacy and we work hard to put a book in the hand of every child, especially a Dr. Seuss book! Makes me happy to read posts like this one. <3