Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Last night I went to a Cleveland Cavaliers game! And it was everything that I expected it would be!!!

Being born and raised in the Cleveland area, I am a true CLE fan. I was fortunate to see Lebron James when he was "just" a high school player and again when he first played for the Cavs.  Last night was my first game since his return. I loved seeing Cleveland breathing again! It's growing, prospering, putting the reputation of "fattest/laziest/most unemployed city" behind us.  Cleveland, with a little hope, love, and nurturing is doing better than ever! The CLE is getting a second chance.

As a teacher and parent, I can say with confidence that Lebron is an athlete, a sports hero if you will, that I don't mind students or my own children looking up to.  So often kids idolize athletes, but why? Lebron has given them a why.  He not only plays an amazing game, but he has amazing roots right here in the Cle/Akron area. Lebron helps the underprivileged.  He has an "IPromise" campaign that does amazing work. Lebron puts education at the top of his list of important things to stand up and speak about. Lebron loves his family. He is very committed to his wife and children. And then... he plays basketball.

Going to a Cav's game has been something I've wanted to do since Lebron came home. I'm so thrilled to have had the opportunity. I love my hometown!

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